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When it comes to Switzerland, it’s not just cheese and chocolate that this beautiful country is known for, but for producing many different types of watches, too. From Rolex to TAG Heuer to Breitling, the list of longstanding Swiss brands goes on and on. All are equally impressive, but there’s one company which is worthy of more discussion: Swatch Watch.

Likely to be considered the black sheep of the Swiss watchmaking group because of its comparatively unorthodox practices, Swatch is nevertheless a business that prides itself on its dissimilarity. Whether you’re a serious watch collector or someone who is new to the idea of wearing a luxury watch, here are some reasons why you should try a Swatch.

The price

Swatch retails modern, cool, and functional watches for as low as $65, meaning it’s not hard to see why the company has sold millions of models worldwide. People generally want good quality but don’t want to pay much for it. Swatch watches are thankfully the best of both worlds. The price is often lower because of the materials used, such as plastic, silicone, and quartz. More expensive models exist, of course, but for anyone who wants something simple and easy as their first Swatch watch, then the $65 option is a must-buy. There are even some rare and vintage models online at decent prices, if you don’t mind second-hand options.

The designs

It’s fair to say that Swatch takes a lot more risks in terms of their designs. Sometimes even a bit radical or silly, Swatch always has something for everyone and often collaborates with famous artists such as Kiki Picasso, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Stephen Dean, and Grems, to name a few. Swatch even commissioned a famous painting pig called Pigasso to help design a watch! Not everything is wacky, of course, but expect to find more fluorescent and bold designs than your average watchmaker. The Swatch X You is a cool possibility, as it lets you design your own watch, right down to the strap and watch face, with an individualized message written on the back.

The company is always trying to be diverse

Not afraid to take a few chances regarding its sales techniques, Swatch has often been something of a trendsetter. When Swatch struggled to find retailers to sell the cheaper models with funky designs, it just opened up its own boutiques instead. Swatch was also one of the first watch companies to embrace the notion of selling online, and hasn’t stopped innovating its sales methods! Swatch will now let consumers buy watches via drive-in near its main HQ in Biel, Switzerland. While no one knows just yet if this idea will work, it shows a business that loves to switch things up and never stop transforming.

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