Drive Safely Tips

More vehicles out on the roads than ever before, it makes sense to keep up with new ways to Drive Safely. Vehicle accidents are often a cause of injury and death, so minimize the risks by following a few Drive Safely tips. If you are looking to learn how to drive more safely, or want to know how to make your vehicle safer and more visible on the road, then this guide offers some advice. To stay safe make sure to carry an air flow meter with you.

Six Drive Safely Tips Every One Should Follow

Avoid Distraction

It is essential to avoid distractions in order to drive safely. It means concentrating on your surroundings and not being distracted by loud music, using a cell phone, or other things that take your attention. For example, you should pull over to take calls or eat snacks. If children are shouting or misbehaving, pull over and stay there until they understand that you need to concentrate.

Keep your awareness on the road and on other road users, rather than trying to do other things while driving.

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is where you are aware of the possible dangers around you and drive in a manner that means you are fully prepared for surprises. So, you anticipate that the car next to you might cut in front while switching lanes, or that the truck you are behind might stop suddenly. Always keep a three-second gap between you and the vehicle in front, and extend that gap further in bad weather.

Be Seen

In poor light, rain or other bad weather, make your vehicle as visible as possible so that other drivers can see you. This might mean switching your lights on, using reflective tape, or getting light bars for trucks. During bad weather, drive slowly and keep your distance from other vehicles to give yourself extra time to break.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Make sure that any vehicle you drive is fit to be on the road. It means making sure tires are in good condition and have the right amount of pressure in them. Wiper blades should not be worn, and you must have all lights functioning.

Consider Advanced Skills

To be extra safe while driving, consider growing your skills by having advanced driving lessons. There are instructors that can teach you how to control a skid, as well as helping you master good driving practices.

Take Care at Night

Night Driving

If you have to drive during the night, make sure you have had enough sleep the day before, as tiredness is one of the key causes of car accidents. If you do feel tired, pull over and rest. Sometimes you just need a break, so take the time to get out of your vehicle and stretch your legs a while.

Knowing that you are driving safely will help you to feel more confident on the road, and calm, collected drivers are safer than nervous ones! Make sure you do the necessary vehicle checks before setting off and proceed with caution, so you are quick to react should anything unexpected happen. Stay slow, and stay safe!


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