The first date has a lot of unpredictable situations in stock for you: the companion may not be so cheerful; they may come on a date with their friend, and, of course, they may come late. You can’t control or predict what will happen. But there are things that you can control, and one of them is your clothes. Therefore, properly plan what to wear, so that you feel both beautiful and comfortable on the first date.

Remember these 10 rules of what to put on when going on a first date, and you’ll both feel confident and impress your companion.

1. Comfort is the Key to Success

Planning how to dress and what to wear on the first date, remember about comfort. If on the eve of the first date, you went shopping and bought new high-heeled shoes, then it’s better to put them on at home and walk around the place in them.

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2. Forget About the Trends – Emphasize the Virtues

The first date is not the best time to play with the latest trends. Show your companion that you’re a person and not a fashionista. Therefore, thinking about what to wear and how to impress him on the first date, put aside brands-trends and choose something favorite.

3. Be Sexy, But Do Not Overdo It

If you do not plan to have sex on a first date, then it is better to give up revealing outfits, so as not to provoke your partner. Of course, thinking about what to do with him on the first date, we want to do something kinky. But it’s better to hold back a little.

4. Leave Strict Attire for Work

The dress code for the first date should not include extra formal attire. So, you risk to scare your partner off. Meet women for marriage that know how to dress and know how to handle themselves!

What to do and how to get dressed for the first date if it is planned immediately after work Think over your image so that you can easily transform it into an outfit for a date. For example, put on a fitted dress and a jacket on top. Office dress code is sustained, and at the end of the working day, remove the top and complete the dress with large earrings. You are ready for the first date!

5. Put on your Favorite Things, and you’re All Set

Choosing what to do on the first date, it is not necessary to completely update the wardrobe and think about what to wear on the first date for hours. If shopping does not end with successful purchases, then make an image using your favorite things.

6. Less is Always Better

Legendary Coco Chanel said “If you were struck by the beauty of a woman, but you cannot remember what she was wearing – it means she was dressed perfectly.” Consider this woman’s wisdom when planning what to do for a first date. Visit fashion for all the fashion news and how to dress properly.

7. Be the Best Version of Yourself

On the first date, you really want to present yourself as real as possible. Do not show up in a T-shirt and torn jeans if you usually prefer feminine dresses, and vice versa.

How to get dressed for the first date to conquer a man? Wear what really makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Because when you do it, you will get a confidence boost. And the more confidence you have, the more you will smile. A smile, as you know, is good for your health (and a date).

8. Attire Should be Appropriate

If your date is planned in the morning, then you should not choose elegant dresses or things from glossy fabrics. For breakfast or lunch, everyday things, the same jeans with a turtleneck or t-shirt, or a simple dress in combination with a jacket is the best choice. It’s better to choose shoes on a flat course or on a platform. But do not forget that convenience comes first.

9. Perfect Dress for the First Date

How to get dressed for the first date? Make a bet on a beautiful feminine dress! For the first date, you need to prepare consciously and get the perfect dress for the first date in advance.

10. Do not Forget About the Right Underwear

An improperly selected set of underwear can ruin even the most beautiful dress. And will nullify all your attempts to think up what to wear on the first date to impress him. In addition, your forms can be visually changed for the better. Therefore, going on the first date, take a closer look at the entire outfit – from head to toe. Turn around in front of the mirror to make sure everything looks perfect.


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