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Our furry friends quickly become part of the family, relying on you as a dog-parent to keep them safe and happy. While they don’t have complicated needs, it’s important that you take proper care of them to ensure they feel the same love and affection that they offer you.

Whether you’re picking up some new goodies for your family pet or getting a new puppy, here are five essentials every dog owner needs to keep them happy and healthy.

Grooming kit

Keep your puppy’s fur free of uncomfortable knots, dirt and debris by having a dog grooming kit on hand. How often you groom your dog will depend on how long their coat is as well as the type. Regardless, puppies should be brushed and groomed regularly to ensure they are used to being handled in this way. Breeds with longer, thicker coats will need to be brushed daily to avoid matting, whereas those with very short hair will only require a weekly groom. Either way, a dog grooming kit will keep their coats healthy and free of knots.

Doggie first aid kit

Having a first aid kit dedicated to your pet may sound a little bizarre at first, but you never know what kind of scraps they may get into while playing in the garden. Plus, they may even save you a trip to the vet, depending on the injury at hand. According to the American Kennel Club, the ideal doggie first aid kit should include the likes of gauze bandage rolls, non-stick adhering bandages, antiseptic, tweezers and antibiotic ointment. Having these on hand will make you feel less panicky if an accident occurs, but do make sure they are pet-friendly before using them.

Puzzle toys

Keep your furry friends out of trouble by keeping them busy with a puzzle toy. Providing mental stimulation by giving them a problem to solve, this type of dog toy will keep your pet entertained for longer. They’re particularly good for dogs who like to stay active or like to have a ‘job’, such as hunting breeds and sheepdogs, as well as offering dogs with a tendency to destroy objects when bored another means of releasing their energy.

Slow feeder bowl

Designed to prevent your dog from eating their food too quickly, slow feeder dog bowls feature ridges and patterns at the bottom. This helps to prevent vomiting, choking, food bloat and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by eating too quickly, which is a risk for most breeds. It may take them some getting used to at first, but there are definitely a lot of benefits of choosing a slow feeder bowl over a standard type.

A dedicated space

While your beloved pet will likely want to spend hours curled up by your feet or on your lap, they should also have their own space for when they want to be left alone. Provide them with a comfortable pillow or bed to relax on, make sure they have water closely and leave out a couple of their favorite soft toys.

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