Jicama Dog Food

What is Jicama

Jicama is a food that is gaining widespread popularity around the world. Also known as yam bean, the root vegetable is native to Mexico and has various health benefits for both human beings and animals. Jicama is known to be rich in fiber and also offers a load of micronutrients. It is also rather delicious and carries low calories, making it an ideal meal for all. Jicama is especially a good treat for all those with constipation, as the high fiber aids in smooth flow after digestion. As a result of all these benefits, and the versatility for consumption for both humans and animals, dog lovers everywhere are curious to find out if dogs can eat jicama. The simple answer is, yes. However, there is plenty of care to be taken; you can only give your dog some certain parts of jicama. The flesh of this vegetable is the only safe part for dog consumption. This is the only part that can safely be consumed by our beloved pets, since the seeds, stem, and leaves may contain a substance called rotenone, which is highly toxic.

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Health benefits of jicama

As outlined earlier, jicama has numerous benefits for its consumers. For dogs who may need a diet rich in fiber, then jicama is a good food to try. Jicama will also help your dog poop less, which is beneficial for you as the owner. When combined with pasta and pumpkin, jicama can easily and naturally regulate your dog’s digestive system. Besides high fiber, jicama also contains high amounts of potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin C, which boosts the dog’s immune system while strengthening its digestive system.

Additionally, these nutrients help keep excess weight off your dog. Many dogs today are burdened by excessive weight, which in turn puts them under risk of serious illnesses like diabetes and pancreatitis. This makes it difficult for dog owners to find a perfect food for their dog that will provide necessary nutrients while keeping weight at bay, even with high food consumption. Luckily, jicama is a food that can be comfortably consumed without fear of any adverse health disorders. That is when the correct portions of the plant are given.

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Preparing and serving Jicama for dogs

Before giving jicama to your dog, ensure that you consult your veterinarian to ascertain the safety of feeding it to them. Also remember, new foods should be introduced gradually in small amounts to prevent digestive problems. Also, take note that some dogs may be intolerable to jicama. However, it has been observed that most dogs can tolerate jicama, so there is a good possibility that your dog will be okay with it. However, if you notice your dog having any allergic reactions to jicama, like diarrhea, vomiting or skin problems, remove jicama from its diet. Introduce jicama to your dog slowly, start with a small size. If they tolerate it well, give a larger portion the next time and gradually increase the amount. However, do not use jicama as a replacement for the dog’s usual food. It is supposed to be a treat. Jicama can be enjoyed either raw or cooked, so serve it depending on the dog’s preferences.

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