Stylish Loungewear For Women That Work From Home

While your work from home outfits may not need to be ironed or taken to the dry cleaners, it’s important that you feel tidy and trim in your loungewear. If leggings are what you wear to the gym, pair them with a long top to feel energized during your workday. If sweats are what you wear to relax, they may not work well to help you focus. Here are some of the stylish loungewear available from Dress Barn’s online-only store.

Focus on the Top View

Of course, if you’re working from home and going to online meetings, your pants don’t really make that much of an impact. Instead, focus on your face, hair, and the clothes on your upper body. Make sure your makeup is appropriate for online meeting lighting, style your hair casually, and try to keep your background tidy.

If you usually wear a shell and a jacket at work, pair a tank or a tee with a sweater or a Free Spirit Hoodie. Zip or button any jackets or sweaters until your tee is framed and squared up nicely in the video feed.

String Tie Management

If you find a comfy color block cowl top with string ties, either tie them or leave them hang flat. Should you find that your home is cold and you need to wear a proper sweater or sweatshirt hoodie, tuck the strings down the front. If they’re visible, make sure they’re even. Try not to have anything asymmetrical going on in the frame of your video.

Focus On Your Face

If you like to wear a scarf to dress up your womens loungewear and choose to wear one for a meeting, make sure it’s not to snug around your neck or too close to your chin. Your color array may look all right, but you can’t be sure of other settings. A white or cream scarf can help you feel cozy and comfy and look lovely against your blue Mizono top, but it may look like a neck brace to a viewer. Leave tails hanging, or just take it off for the meeting.


Sweats come in a variety of weights and textures. If you like the feel of an athletic legging, then a thin pair of sweats may feel alright, but if you like a hearty fleece sweat pant, lightweight materials will feel like tights. Consider investing in some hearty fleece sweatpants that hold their shape over time. Taller women may also get better results shopping in the men’s department. Best of all, many men’s sweatpants come with pockets.


Working from home is a nice way to make sure that your feet are always warm and comfy. While you’re taking a break from dress shoes, make sure to keep your feet well moisturized and invest in some fluffy socks so you can go unshod and strengthen the arch of your foot as you move around your home.

Staying focused and intent on your work can be a challenge when working from home. With the right clothes, you can stay tidy, professional and in the work zone no matter where your computer is.

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