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In this modern world, everyone has their own mobile phones and gadgets. As a parent, you make sure that you keep monitoring your children’s activities. Boys usually find these things attractive and cool. They keep playing around with the different types of apps and websites on their smartphones. As a parent you want to monitor your son’s phone activities, but how you can do so?

iPhone is usually known as a smartphone with more security and restrictions. You can’t ask your son to give you his iPhone so you can monitor his phone, so how to spy on his iPhone? If you want to monitor your son’s iPhone without accessing his phone then you should try any phone spying service. There are dozens of secure and powerful phone spying companies that provide a user’s platform to spy on any smartphone remotely without having physical access to that device.

Let’s take a deep look at one of the professional and reliable mobile spying services that can help you to spy on your son’s iPhone without Jailbreak.


Spy is that type of intelligent and professional phone spying service that allows you to spy on any smartphone device whether an iPhone or Android. This phone spying service is totally safe and legal to use for all those who want to spy on an iPhone device.

Usually, these types of spying or monitoring activities ask you to jailbreak your iPhone device. Practices like Jailbreaking an iPhone device compromises on your phone warranty and life. But this Spyic phone spying service provides a perfect iPhone spying solution without jailbreak requirement. You can visit Spyic official website to learn more about cell phone spy app.

If we talk about the range of spying features that Spyic is providing then all of them are spectacular. Each spying feature by Spyic meets user requirements in terms of spying an iPhone device completely without any kind of restrictions or limits. Why not take a look at some of the core spying features that Spyic is providing for its users.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is one of the main features of all spying features of Spyic. Spyic believes in providing a safe spying solution that can monitor calls without getting detected. This feature lets users view a record of all incoming and outgoing calls on that particular target device.

Using this feature, you can also get to know the duration of all incoming and outgoing calls. Viewing contacts with most incoming and outgoing calls is also possible through this feature.

SMS Tracking

SMS Tracking is also a very important spying feature that Spyic is providing as well. This spying feature gives you full control to monitor target device messages as you want to. You can read all of the received and sent messages of that target devices.

Another amazing thing about this feature is that you can read deleted messages as well. Support for browsing MMS contents provided as well to facilitate users in terms of complete message monitoring.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is what everybody wants to perform as a spying practice on any target device. Spyic provides accurate and precise location tracking support to its users to keep updated about a particular device’s location.

This feature allows you to track device location on a WiFi or GPS basis. You can also view the record of locations as well to keep a full record of device locations. View precise address and location coordinates with this amazing spying feature by Spyic.

Now let’s find out how can we use Spyic spying service to spy on an iPhone device without jailbreak.

How to Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak

iphone ios

Spyic spying service doesn’t require you to have any experience in the spying or security field. Using Spyic iOS solution is very simple and easy to use for every type of user without any complexities.

Following simple steps would make it easy for you to understand Spyic and clear all of your insecurities about Spyic usage. Let’s figure out those steps for spying an iPhone device without Jailbreak.

Step 1

Open your web browser on a desktop or any device. Open the website of Spyic and click on the Sign Up Free to start the account registration process.

Step 2

Enter your details like email address and password to continue the registration process. Select an iOS because you want to spy an iPhone device.

Step 3

Enter the iCloud account credentials of the target iOS device that you want to spy on.

Step 4

After setting up an app on that device, you can spy that device from your Spyic dashboard screen by using it on any web browser.

All of the steps discussed above are easy to follow. These steps take a few minutes to complete the account set up process. After performing all the steps, you can start spying on an iPhone device in a seamless and hassle-free monitoring environment. Spyic allows you to monitor user’s activities on third-party applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Besides Spyic, there are also many professional mobile monitoring companies that allow users to monitor target devices without having physical access over devices. Some of these phone spying companies are Cocospy, FoneSpy, SpyHuman, and many more. You can easily access these phone spying services by simply visiting their official websites to get to know more about them.


Spyic is the most reliable and smartphone spying service that is loaded with a lot of fantastic spying features. Using this spying service, users can spy on an iPhone device without jailbreak requirements. This is the suggestion for all those who are looking for a professional phone spying service at an affordable price for spying on any iOS or Android devices. With Spyic, you can spy on your son’s iPhone without jailbreak to keep an eye on his activities.

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  1. Hi Ben! Thank you for the write ups! It’s good to know that there’s a no jailbreak version of spy software. However, what if I don’t have the device’s iCloud account? Is there any way around it?

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