How to Improve Your Elderly Parent’s Quality of Life

As our parent’s age, it is easy to fall into a self-centered trap of worry. Of course we’re concerned for their health and wellness. But when seniors are still living on their own and are out of sight, they tend to be out of mind. Then we get to thinking about ourselves: how are we going to pay their medical bills? How will my children deal if their grandparents were to have an accident whilst home alone?

But the truth is that aging is as hard, if not harder, for our parents as it is for us, their children. We need to show them compassion and exhibit selflessness as they enter a new phase in their life. Without condescending to them or trying to parent them, there are ways you can help your parents adjust to the reality of senior living in fun and thoughtful ways.

If your parent or parents are living on their own, they may or may not be able to care for themselves until the end of their life. A lot of people lead active and meaningful lives until their last breath. Still, you can help ease their adjustment to their changing bodies and minds with a few neat gifts.

Liquid Level Indicator

If your elderly parent’s vision has begun to deteriorate, you should consider investing in a liquid level indicator so that they don’t overpour liquids. This can be really helpful for the determined, solo-living senior who is living with visual impairment. Speaking of which…

Digital Magnifier

If your parent delights in the written word or just has trouble reading their mail—even with the assistance of lenses—try a digital magnifier. Sometimes, text is too small for glasses to get the job done. A digital magnifier does exactly what it says it does: it magnifies things! These can be expensive, but they’re sleeker and much more appealing to transport than traditional magnifying glasses. Plus, they don’t draw attention to the user in the same way a traditional magnifying glass would, because these usually resemble smartphones.

Omega-3 Pills

Omega-3 Pills

Omega-3 fatty acids are inextricably linked to heart health. They’re also associated with alleviating and even preventing symptoms of such diseases as Alzheimers, arthritis, and other chronic diseases. Give your loved ones a fighting chance and splurge for the ones that taste good (as some omega-3 pills are notoriously fishy tasting). When you’re buying some for your aging parent, pick some up for your family, too. It’s never too early to start stocking up!

Home Care Service

A home care service can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some, it’s a gift. To others, it’s a nuisance or, at worst, an insult. But if your elderly loved one is having trouble with some regular tasks—like cooking or cleaning—but you are not ready to consider assisted-living, home care can be a small miracle for improving quality of life. There are plenty of low-cost options, like a community oriented, Jewish home care service.

Specialized Pillow

Specialized Pillow

Does the senior in your life have back problems? A neck injury? A knee ache? There’s a pillow for that! There are so many specialized pillows targeting specific problems that you are bound to find the one which addresses the pressing problem in your parent’s life. While you’re at the store, pick one up for yourself! They can be a game changer when it comes to sleep quality.

Food Delivery Service

If you’re looking for a gift that just keeps on giving, consider signing up your parent or the senior in your life for a food delivery service. There are plenty of services specifically designed to bring fresh produce to your house on a weekly basis. Some even deliver at a discounted rate for seniors or for those that opt to choose “ugly” food, or food that is safe to eat but doesn’t meet the aesthetic requirements for supermarkets.

Stair Lift

Stairs got your loved one feeling down? Try a stair lift! They’re a great fix for the bane that staircases pose to many seniors. There’s no reason an ageing parent suffering from bad knees or a bad back should have to go through the additional pain of navigating the perils of stairs. If there’s one gift you’ll give your aging parent in their lifetime, it’s this.

Tablet for Seniors

ablet for Seniors

The Grandpad is specifically tailored to the needs of seniors. The fonts and icons for all the apps are streamlined and enlarged. Further, it includes the primary apps seniors will need—like a phone and an email button—without the clutter or aesthetics that can make traditional tablets harder to navigate for our older friends.

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