iPhone X Clone

Yes, you read that right! There is an android powered iPhone X clone made by a local Chinese developer and it’s a beautiful premium looking phone.

The real iPhone X is costly and despite its many innovative features and attractive design, it’s still unaffordable for many. After all not many people are prepared to sell their kidneys for a smartphone that costs $1000.

For such people, China extends all its sympathies and very empathically offers them the new Leagoo S9. The phone comes with a price tag of just $300 and this full-fledged clone of iPhone X offers features that can grind axes with apple’s flagship device.

Powered by Android Operating system, S9 features bezels that are actually smaller than the iPhone X itself. The smartphone is made of aluminum and glass and has the same vertical camera placements as iPhone X. What sets it further apart is that the company has even added a fingerprint scanner at the back of this phone.

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This phone will suit perfectly to people who are android users and are aiming for an iPhone X switch. There is no need to be torn between anything now. Just buy Leagoo S9 and kill two birds with one stone. After all just in one third of the price of the original phone you are being offered the best of Android operating system and the beauty of iPhone X, what more can you ask for?

Specifications of this phone are as under:

• 5.85-inch AMOLED display

• MediaTek’s mid-range P40 processor

• 6 GB of RAM

• 128 GB of storage

• A pair of 16 MP cameras around back.

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