There are 330,000 Palestinians who call Jerusalem their home. Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM – On Tuesday the 27-year-old Palestinian office worker said “It doesn’t affect us East Jerusalemites”. This individual is among the 330,000 Palestinians who claim this city their homeland. All these Palestinians are now desperately concerned about their residency status with this new announcement. The Illegal occupation of Israel has already made the cost of living beyond the affordability of its indigenous population i.e. the Palestinians.

The Abu Dardah, a resident of Jerusalem, revealed about Israeli occupation saying, “For 50 years we are under Israeli occupation. I found out that so far, most of the international community has rejected claim of Israel to the Palestine’s territorial dominion. But now Trump has acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and this will turn things difficult for us. He has further ordered to the State Department for begin the process of moving the US Embassy here from its current home in Tel Aviv. We are really unsure about the impact of this, but we are certain that it is not going to end well for us.”

Abu Dardah emotionally said. “I live in Palestine, but now they are calling it Israel. I work here. I don’t have another country. No Palestinian political parties represent me,” “I just want my rights.”

Things are worsening in Jerusalem by the hour. Its residents are terrified at the new changes that will be forced on them by the illegal occupation of their city by Israel and the unjust capital city recognition it has received from the US.

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