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Video game live streaming is all about people recording themselves playing games to the live audience online. This activity became popular in the mid of 2010 on YouTube, Facebook, and other china based sites. Professional streamers often earn through combining high-level play and entertaining commentary.

Live streaming offers the charm of transforming a hobby of playing a video game into a full career of streaming. The one thing streamers should be careful of is copyright issues when streaming the game of their choice. Live streaming has brought attention to video games such as Among Us, Fall Guys, Rocket League, and many more. This live streaming has become popular for advertising for video game developers, online magazines, and traditional demos. Viewers can experience newly release video games without even purchasing them.

How Live Video Game Streaming Is Beneficial?

Accessibility for anyone to watch live stream helped eSport viewership to gain 213 million views in 2016 and continue to grow every year. Smaller video game communities got advanced from the perceptibility they gained from video game live streaming.

In December of 2019, one of the popular streamers DrLupo hosted a 24-hour stream to have all donations and earnings go straight to Hospital. The video game live streaming community managed to raise $2.3 million, with Twitch itself donating $1 million of the total. In 2020, American politician Alexandria live-streamed herself playing Among Us with other streamers having large followings to bring awareness to voting in America.

How Much Speed Do You Need for Live Streaming?

For good quality live video game streaming minimum require thing is a good internet speed. For Twitch, the speed required to download and watch is 4-6 Mbps and for broadcasting, you need 3-6 Mbps. For YouTube Live the required speed is 1-51 Mbps for broadcasting and downloading both. For Facebook, live stream 4Mbps require for uploading and 5 Mbps for downloading.

Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Speed?

For a good internet connection, you need to try Ethernet cable, although we live in the age of wireless technology a wired connection can offer you a much more reliable experience. By moving a router if it is wireless, near to the mobile or recording camera for better internet stability and it will also boost your internet speed. By checking bandwidth usage like if someone is using Netflix, you will notice resistance in your speed for downloading a stream but you will notice a great difference and it works way better when no one else is using the internet. Remove excess devices from your network Close excess programs and apps on your computer. Use ad-blockers and privacy tools. Update your software up to the time. If these changes are not making an important influence on your experience, the probabilities are your internet isn’t speedy enough and you will have to upgrade your package. You may need a higher speed if multiple devices are connected to the internet at the same time. Streaming better quality videos requires a much high uploading speed.

In most kinds of internet connection, your upload speed is much lower than your download speed so for the best results, use a wired connection. No one wants to spend time and money buying lights and cameras just for an internet connection to ruin your stream into an irregular and pixelated mess. Live streaming is all about broadcasting speed.

Downloading Speed Doesn’t Matter for Live Streaming

A public network interrupts your live streaming, to avoid this make sure that your internet connection is private so that it requires a password for accessibility. Faulty routers and bad cable also have a bad impact on live streaming that’s why it’s important to use a connection with enough upload speed for the type of content you broadcast. Always have some extra upload bandwidth available for your safe side.

How and Why It Is Important to Find Your Internet Speed

Broadcast speed can also alter, so the easiest way to find your actual upload speed is to take a speed test. Testing your internet speed is the first step for making a strong environment for your live stream. However, you will never know exactly how a live stream will perform until you test the broadcast itself. You can test your internet speed on The most recommended thing is that always test your internet speed before going live because when you create content and you want to share it online, it’s your connection’s upload rate that matters the most. YouTube is the application to go for the highest quality live streaming and Facebook seems to be the most manageable application.

That’s a fact that the quality of your content will depend on the quality of your broadcast because you can have the best skills in the most popular games or the greatest sense of humor. But if people can’t see and hear you well, you’re just a person sitting in front of a camera for them.

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