Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom should be your own personal haven, a space to break away from the stress of everyday life and truly unwind. It should offer a calming atmosphere, minimal clutter and simple but effective mood enhancing décor.

Ensuring that your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary is important to your general wellbeing, it’s the place you go to rest and if your room is full with junk and mess it won’t leave you feeling relaxed. These five minimalist bedroom ideas will help you to transform your boudoir and enable you to unwind from your busy day and drift off into a great night’s sleep.

Creative Ways of Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Keep it Neutral

Keep your colour scheme as neutral as possible, but don’t be afraid to play with it and incorporate a single muted shade such as blush pink or pale green. The neutral tones will make for a serene environment and create less noise than a riot of bright reds, yellows and purples.

Whilst minimalist colour palettes are often synonymous with grey and white, don’t be afraid to dabble in natural hessian tones. Experiment with your muted colour when it comes to accessories, a blush pillow or throw can create a homely environment, whilst adhering to your new minimalist décor theme. Did you know that your colour scheme can actually impact on your emotions? This is something to bear in mind while creating a bedroom to relax in.

Invest in a Divan Bed

The key to enjoying a minimalist bedroom is keeping it tidy at all times, but this can be hard to achieve without the right storage space. Investing in a divan bed is a great option, as not only do they look great, they’re also very functional too. A divan bed allows you to store belongings in the base and keep it tucked away and out of sight. It’s a fantastic way to keep your bedroom pristine, and you might just be surprised by just how much you can actually fit in the spacious drawers. Head to the specialists at Divan Beds Centre for an extensive range of designs.

Add a Pop of Green

If you’re worried about your minimalist bedroom looking bland, try adding pops of green with a beautiful house plant or two. This will add a gorgeous earthy feel to your bedroom, and it’s also widely acknowledged that plants can boost your mood and even improve your sleep. A fiddle leaf fig always looks great, but if you’re a novice to the world of house plants, try opting for a hardier option, to begin with. You can’t go too wrong with a cactus.

Let in the Light

One of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to give your bedroom a speedy minimalist overhaul is to let in as much natural light as possible. Get rid of those heavy curtains and replace them with either sheer curtains or fitted blinds. You might just be surprised at the difference, letting in light will create a larger feeling space that’s modern and of course, more minimalist.

Bedroom Decor

Hang a Wall Mirror

A mirror will allow you to create the illusion of a bigger space than what’s actually there, which is perfect if you’re trying to create a beautiful spacious and minimalist bedroom. Not only will it make your room bigger than it seems, but it’s also the perfect accessory to create a homely feel and not leave your walls looking too naked. It’s also handy for taking that quick OOTD Instagram snap before heading out for the day!

Try out these five tips for a minimalist bedroom and enjoy a calmer, more welcoming environment to truly enjoy that well-earned rest.


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