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Fogging of windows can be a torment for motorists in winter, but it can also occur during the summer season when there is a lot of humidity in the morning. We offer you some tricks and solutions to prevent the car windows from fogging up.

How Not to Fog Up the Car Windows

The fogging of the car windows is due to the formation of a layer of condensation that makes the crystals opaque, compromising the driver’s view, often forced to improvise makeshift solutions to defeat the windows. The windows mist up due to the meeting of hot and humid air on the cold windows. There are remedies for fogging the windows. Fortunately, there are various ways to avoid the fogging of the car windows that will surprise you.

Fogged Glass: Some Precautions

Winter's Car care Tips

There are some very important measures to avoid fogging of the car windows. First of all, you must always keep the windows clean without using chemicals, periodically check the condition of the pollen filter and the condition of the air conditioning system. It is important to avoid keeping the upholstery wet, try not to get into the car with wet shoes, and in any case check the windshield drain.

The door seals should also be checked as they can allow air to pass over time. To restore the seal, just use special products based on silicone or Vaseline. Often the car manufacturer itself provides methods to avoid fogging of car windows. Some cars are equipped with anti-fog glasses which, thanks to specific devices, prevent condensation from forming.

The classic remedies

Opening the car windows a little, about 1 cm, to lower the internal temperature is the classic remedy to avoid fogging of the windows.

A method that works great in summer, but is not optimal in winter when temperatures are low. Otherwise, a jet of hot or cold air can be activated from the vents, thus lowering the humidity and decreasing the temperature difference. However, this last solution is often only momentary, unless everything is left with the system switched on for the entire journey by car!

Grandma’s remedies

The potato and the newspaper

The grandmother’s remedies are simple and effective solutions that can be realized at home and can do a potato and sheets of newspaper to avoid fogging of car windows! You have to rub the glass with half a potato, dirtying them with a friend, wait a minute and then clean them with newspaper sheets. The light patina that will be created on the glass will prevent it from fogging.

The sock remedy

Another grandmother’s remedy is that of the sock. All you need is a pair of socks and a silicon cat litter. To put this solution into practice, you need to fill the sock with litter, close it with a knot and insert it into the other sock. The sock placed on the dashboard or under the seat during the night will definitely solve the problem and avoid fogging of the car windows. In fact, silicon retains all the moisture! Once used, the sock must be thrown away.

Most modern cars have systems built in to avoid foggy windscreens. If you have an old car that doesn’t have this feature, maybe it is time to sell it and catch up with times! To sell your car, you can contact Trade Cars For Cash for a quick car sale.


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