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If you have a driving license and are looking for a job, one position available is driving under the Uber banner. Even though there is no guarantee about how much money you earn as an Uber driver due to working as an independent contractor, there are lucrative rewards available if you take the right approach.

That right approach includes maintaining a five-star rating as an Uber driver. This is because if you start to rack up low scores, this will be off-putting to other potential customers. Plus, if you put together a long enough list of these bad ratings, it can even result in the deactivation of your account.

Here are five tips to become a successful Uber driver to maintain that five-star score and make an attractive salary.

1. Stay safe

You always want to avoid being involved in a car accident – particularly if a customer is in the passenger seat. Aside from a negative score, it could indefinitely put you out of action depending on the damage to you and your vehicle.

As a result, always be alert when on the road and stick to the rules. A passenger may want you to floor it, so they get to their appointment in time, but never be pressured into breaking the rules – and endangering yourself and other motorists – to appease your customers.

Oh, and if you, unfortunately, get embroiled in a crash, always receive assistance from an accident attorney to make sure you receive the right settlement amount.

2. Focus on the vehicle

If your vehicle is a beat-up hatchback that hasn’t been fashionable since the early 2000s, forget about being an Uber driver. Customers want new. They want comfort. They desire luxury. They ultimately want an experience that is superior to simply riding in a taxi.
If you have a modern sedan or SUV, you’re already on the right track.

3. Keep it clean

Even if you are sticking to cleanliness rules, this doesn’t mean your passengers are doing the same. After every ride, make sure you check to see if any rubbish, stains, or other undesirable marks have been left behind. Aside from the interior, the outside of the car sparkles clean – first impressions always count.

4. Upsell

Did you know that an Uber driver makes over $250,000 a year by selling jewelry to his customers? He effectively turns his vehicle into a showroom for his products, and he has the attention of his passengers for the entire fare.

If you want to maximize profits, consider offering additional items to your passengers. Just make sure it is something they want!

5. Go the extra mile

To secure those five-star reviews, you need to go all-out for your customers. Offer them complimentary mints and bottled water. Provide mobile chargers. Allow them to play their music on your car’s stereo system. Help passengers with their bags and hold the car’s doors open.

All of these little extras can go a big way to boosting your Uber rating.

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