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When people think of camping they often imagine having to rough it in a wild environment with none of the comforts of home. Although this can be a lot of fun and very adventurous, it is not the only way to camp. These days you can use an off-grid solar kit and have all the conveniences you expect to have while at home.

This means that you can go glamping instead of camping and have a very elegant and refined experience while still enjoying nature at its finest. This involves eating fine meals instead of freeze-dried and enjoying a glass of wine instead of a warm beer. In this article, we will go over the ways that you can make your glamping dreams a reality.

1 – Pick Your Lodging Option

You actually have a lot of options for where to spend your time when you go glamping. Many people think of sleeping in tents when you go camping but glamping gives you a few other options as well.

For instance, there is the possibility of going in an RV to be able to have all the comfort of home without having to set anything up when you arrive at the camp. Cooking is easy as you have a kitchen and it’s nice to be able to use a normal bathroom, too. RVs are available to rent if you don’t already have one of your own.

A camper is also an option and provides some of the same comforts as an RV only with a little less space.

Of course, a tent is also an option but it doesn’t need to be one that is cramped and tiny. There are safari-style tents that are big enough to walk around in and can have furniture. Instead of sleeping on a mat with a sleeping bag, you can have an actual bed with a cozy mattress and blankets.

2 – Pick a Dramatic Location

To add to the elegance, try to avoid going to an ordinary campground. Instead, look for some that have a feature that will take your breath away and make it a much more unforgettable experience. There are campgrounds located in the mountains that have spectacular views, others are on the coast with water views, and some have other natural features that set them apart.

Think about having an elegant dinner with a dramatic backdrop instead of the view of somebody’s laundry hanging from a tree branch.

3 – Plan the Menu

One of the biggest reasons to glamp instead of camp is to enjoy some gourmet meals. Take some time to prepare a menu so that you can get all the necessary ingredients ahead of time.

Plan out a daily meal schedule and then create a menu. Once you have your ideas on paper you can create a shopping list to get everything that you need. Have a plan to keep everything cool until you get to your destination and time to cook it so things don’t spoil.

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