Unique Stair Railings

If you have more than one story in your house or workplace then you’re going to need Unique Stair Railings. These essential items are often taken for granted; unless they capture your imagination and made a Unique Stair Railings.

Unique Stair Railings

What might surprise you is that the way to make your staircase really stand out is actually by adding a unique stair railing. Of course this should be part of your overall staircase design to ensure the flow of the building feels right.

Stairs do more than connect floors; they are an essential back-up in an emergency when you can’t safely use the lift. They are also a great way to burn calories!

The stair railings are a great place to start transforming your home improvements. While the average Australian residential staircase is $2,500 you can customize your stairs for much less simply by replacing the railings.

Here are 7 unique styles to get you started with Unique Stair Railings:

1. Criss Cross Steel

This simple but incredibly stylish railing actually uses straight pieces of metal. All you need is a standard top and bottom; these can be wood or metal. The steel slots into holes in the top and bottom pieces, ensuring it is strong.

Your stairs will instantly be transformed into a contemporary work of art.
You can even mix it up a little by running metal poles horizontally and diagonally across the other poles.

2. Steel Panel

Take a traditional hand rail and mount fastenings underneath it. You’ll need to add a bottom rail and do the same to it. You can then bolt on a steel panel.
Don’t forget the steel panel can be powder coated any colour you want, allowing it to blend in or truly stand out in the space you have available.

The beauty of this is the steel panels can be easily cut to create the perfect shape for your staircase. It would be advisable to get a professional to do this part for you.
An alternative is to use diamond shapes or even a circular piece of steel; the options are endless!

3. Plain Wood

This title is a little misleading!

Wood is an incredibly versatile material and comes in a huge array of colours and textures. You can use mdf or mahogany!

The above design has a metal frame which supports the solid panels. You could also have the wood incorporated into your staircase, giving you a large of expanse of wood to support you as you go up and down stairs. Done properly it can look like the wood is rising out of the floor!

4. Use The Wall!

Opt for the Mediterranean feel by making the stair railings part of the wall. This does require professional assistance to ensure the loads are calculated properly. It may even require you to replace the stairs.
It might not be the cheapest option but it is incredibly stylish!

5. Top To Bottom

This is a particularly contemporary design which would probably suit a minimalist, open plan house. But you can vary the material used to fit your own home! The panels can be wider and made of other material, such as metal.

The result is an almost closed off staircase which is still open and free flowing; impressive!

6. Glass Panels

Glass has always been a good choice for dividing spaces without reducing light and a feel of openness. Opting for a panel that goes from floor to ceiling opens the entire stair area up.
However, if you have children you might need to consider adding a feature onto the glass; this will remind them that it is there! You could even add a family emblem onto the glass!
Of course, any glass panel like this should be created from toughened glass.

7. Keep It Simple

There is always something to be said for keeping your stair railings simple!
You can use brass, aluminum or even wood to create a very basic almost invisible railing. This is one of the simplest designs and yet it is extremely effective when your stairs are tucked into a corner.

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The railings are sturdy enough to catch you if you fall but virtually invisible the rest of the time. Even the amount of horizontal bars can be adjusted; depending on who is using the stairs.

Bespoke stair railings are only limited by your imagination. This is what makes them the perfect addition to any building.

However, before you get carried away it is important to consider the practical implications. A railing that leaves a big gap under it is not effective if you have small children!


  1. I was really interested in the example you gave of steel railings with panels installed onto them. I’ve always wanted to try something new with our house remodeling project since the house we currently live in has two floors and this means we can really make a statement with the way our stairs can look. This is something I haven’t seen many people try, so I’ll look for any custom railing design companies that can get this for me so I can impress any guests that stop by.


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