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Proxies are now a staple of internet security. Both private citizens and businesses utilize proxies to stay anonymous online and access various otherwise blocked content. However, there are many types of proxies, some of which might be less known and understood than others. One type of tool that businesses would benefit from utilizing more is mobile proxies. Thus, let us look at what sets these proxies apart and why they might be just what your company needs.

What are mobile proxies?

Any proxy is a server that works as a mediator between the requestor and the end server. It provides a proxy IP address to the end server in order to hide the real IP address of whoever is making the request.

Mobile proxies operate on the same principle. Only, as one would probably guess, the IP address that is provided by the proxy is that of a mobile device. Thus, it appears to the end server side as though a mobile device is trying to connect no matter from where the request comes originally.

When using this type of proxy, the traffic is routed through mobile 3G, 4G, or 5G networks. The proxy IP address is then one of the many IP addresses assigned to mobile devices that connect to these networks.

Why should businesses use mobile proxies?

Now turning to the important question – what makes mobile proxies a worthy addition to a firm’s toolkit of software solutions? Some of the reasons such proxies are useful overlap with the general benefits of using any kind of proxy IPs.

There are, however, advantages of mobile proxies that make them necessary even if you are already utilizing other kinds of proxies. Here are some of the most important ways in which businesses can benefit from using mobile proxy addresses.

1) Mobile proxies are virtually undetectable. Mobile devices do not get unique IP addresses. Instead, with every connection to the internet, such a device gets a new address which is shared with a few devices. The reason for this is the lack of unique IP addresses. The upshot is that it makes it quite impossible to detect mobile proxies as such. Thus, you run virtually no risk of being identified or banned from a website for using a proxy IP.

2) They make your data completely safe. With anonymity provided by mobile proxies, you are able to browse websites without the risk of making your sensitive data available. It is especially useful for companies that use web scraping and other techniques to spy on their competitors. Proxies allow you to collect the competing firm’s publicly available data for analysis without giving yourself away.

3) They allow for faster internet connection within the company. Mobile proxies allow the sorting of the company’s traffic through different servers. This way the firm’s server does not get overloaded thus allowing for a faster internet connection. Employees can then do their tasks with ease and efficiency. Server crashes are avoided and valuable time and opportunities do not get lost due to server downtimes.

4) Security risks are mitigated. Proxies reduce the chance of someone hacking into your system and stealing sensitive company data. Businesses tend to conduct a lot of their transactions via the internet. Using a proxy allows for masking these transactions, thus making it harder for spies and malicious actors to know about them. The customers are also protected this way, thus shielding the brand from the reputational damage that would come with the theft of client data.

5) Access to region-specific content is enabled. With proxies, you can bypass blocks and access content that is specific to particular geographic locations. Businesses benefit from this feature when doing market research or verifying that their ads are displayed correctly for particular audiences. This effect can be achieved with all kinds of proxies. Mobile proxies, however, here once again have the advantages of speed and undetectability.
Many more benefits of using proxies in general and mobile proxies, in particular, could be named here. However, the above examples should be enough to show why it is so crucial for businesses to utilize what proxies can offer.

Choosing the right mobile proxy provider

Knowing that your company needs a mobile proxy is not enough. What you also need is a place to get them from. Luckily, there are quite enough mobile proxy providers to choose from these days.

On the other hand, a big number of available options might make it harder to pick the right one. Thus, let’s look at how to identify the proxy provider that could benefit you the most.
Firstly, look for a company that has a large pool of available mobile IP addresses. You might want to connect to proxies from various locations and your options to be as flexible as possible. A large proxy pool is the only way to ensure it.

Secondly, look for a company that has a good reputation and has been in business for at least a few years. The Internet is full of scammers thus you should always be careful not to give any money to suspicious websites offering unvetted services.

Furthermore, look at the automation and personalization features that the service is offering. Sometimes you might need sticky sessions while other times you will want the proxy to do as much automatically as possible. The providers that can offer both options are the best.

Finally, always check for flexibility in payment plans. Maybe you can get a free trial to check the features of the provider free of cost or extremely cheaply. And if the service offers at least a few different plans, all the best for you, as you can choose what suits your needs and budget most.

With these simple tips in mind, choosing the right proxy provider should be quite simple. Then you will be able to get the benefits of mobile proxies that other businesses are currently enjoying and are likely to keep doing in the future.


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