Exploring the Signs and Stages of a Rebound Relationship

Having to endure a break-up from a deep and passionate romantic relation is a heart-wrenching tragedy to have to go through. If you find that you are in a new relationship soon afterward and also find that you are getting quite attached to your new partner, it could be an indicator that you are in a rebound relationship. However, the opposite could also be true.

Not all rebound relationships fail. However, not all of them succeed. The probability of a rebound relationship working out is fifty-fifty. Here we have summed up some definite signs and respective stages of this very crucial relationship. You must explore every point carefully and check whether or not these signs are reflected in your current relationship. If you discover after reading this article that you are indeed in a rebound relationship and want some help in navigating the situation, consider talking to a licensed relationship professional at ReGain.

Signs of a Rebound Relationship

After the mishap with your first relationship, if you find a few or all of the following signs apply to your daily life, you are in a rebound relationship for sure.

1. You are likely involved in a non-serious, short-term relationship


Soon after the first break-up, you try to find a new partner and may comment on girls pic on Instagram. You start dating some new partner knowing that both of you are non-serious and are involved only temporarily. Though one may say that it is not foul or unlawful to get involved in a short-term relationship, it seems quite immoral and illogical to do so. This increases the emotional as well as the physical vulnerability of both the persons wrongly involved. With no possibility of this relationship continuing long-term, having this kind of relationship will only make things even worse.

2. Chances are you like the relationship only because of attention

Being a person on the rebound, you may be getting good and healthy affection and cooperation from your new partner. Surely, you like it and prefer to be in the same phase for quite some time. But, the question is if you are serious with your new partner or if you are doing all of this just to get his/her attention. Doing so only for attention shows that you are in a rebound relationship.

3. You call your new partner only when you need him/her

call your new partner

The fact is you don’t actually want to be with your new partner; you only need him/her for attention or company. That’s why you call him/her only when you need him/her like when you are sad, down, or depressed. Whenever you are happy, you ignore your partner. This is a clear sign that you are in a rebound relationship with your new partner.

4. You want to show your ex-partner your new one

The rebounding partner wants to show his/her new partner to the ex via social media, social functions, or in front of friends or relatives of the ex. If he/she makes conscious efforts to show off the new partner to others and especially the ex, this is the most telling sign that the person is in a rebound relationship.

5. You deliberately promote or project the characteristics of your ex-partner

If you like to see the traits of your ex-partner in your new one, this is a sign that you are in a rebounding relation with the new partner. You want to show yourself that you still love him/her and your mind and soul are still there with the ex-partner. Moreover, you also develop the habit of mentioning the traits of your ex-partner, wherever you get a chance, consciously, or subconsciously. You want to mold your new partner into your ex for one reason or another.

6. While with the new partner, you still think of Your ex

the new partner

This unfair sign indicates that you are just in the relationship for a quick rebound and have not yet gotten over the memories of your ex-lover. Rather, you still miss him/her and the presence of your new partner never stops you from thinking about or getting involved with your ex-partner. This will hurt your new partner when you are unable to be truthful about the reason behind your new relationship.

7. You are not willing to include your new partner in your inner circle

Rebound Relationship Signs

If this is the case with you, you can be sure that you are in a rebound relationship with your new partner. You never want to introduce him/her to all your near and dear ones. This indicates that you have never truly accepted him/her at heart as your partner and don’t want to prolong this relationship to the point where it gets serious.

Stages of a Rebound Relationship

The followings are the typical stages of a rebound relationship.

1. The finding of a suitable match

Just after the break-up with the ex-partner, you are looking for a suitable match that may fall either way. You are either looking for someone of the same nature or of quite opposite nature to the previous one. To us, the one with the same set of habits and nature may bring the same result. So, it will be quite wise to select a person with an almost opposite personality.

2. The most pleasant phase

The most pleasant or the honeymoon phase of the rebound relationship starts just after the final selection of the new partner. Both of you begin to get to know each other very quickly without paying any focus on the negative side of the picture. No faults are seen in your partner at this stage of the relationship. Everything seems happy and good. The little gestures of love and affection like holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing, etc. mark the easiest and natural part of the subsequent rebound relationship.

3. The breakdown becomes visible

This is the stage that surprises you the most. The initial all good vibes from the honeymoon stage are long gone. The tiny things that you noticed before that you didn’t like that much suddenly become the most annoying things that you cannot stand. The things that ruined your past relationship appear to seep into this one as well. The misunderstandings become irrevocable and you start to see the end of your relationship.

4. The final collapse

The day comes when you explode like a bomb and the whole relationship swirls away in the air. You decide to no longer remain partners and then, only after you decide to break up, your partner realizes that he/she was a rebound throughout the entire relationship.

5. The end and the beginning

The end of yet another relationship may often mark the beginning of another rebound relationship once again. This time it is wiser to look for one who matches you better than the previous one or perhaps someone that likes you more than you like them. Either way, hopefully, the next relationship will have better luck.

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