Relationship Is Weak

All good relations are based upon mutual respect and cooperation without which each and every relation seems worthless.

If you ever feel dissatisfaction in your relationship with any of your dear ones, there must be an element of disrespect in your mutual interaction. Disrespect may take many forms like hidden disrespect, hatred, jealousy, etc. Read this article from ReGain to learn the signs of disrespect in marriage and where to draw the line.

Respect alone can create a loving and strong relationship. However, beware of the following signs of disrespect in your relationship especially with your significant other. If you observe any of these signs, you must realize that your relationship is not strong-footed. You are better off alone than in a disrespectful relationship.

1. Your loved one often cancels the dates/appointments promised to you

Your loved one often cancels the datesappointments promised to you

This is a clear sign of disrespect in any relationship. If you agree to meet with anyone, it is your moral duty to fulfill that commitment. Those failing to follow through with their commitments time and time again clearly have no regard for their partner. They do not show that they care for his/her feelings. If the same is true with your partner as well, you must realize that he/she disrespects you. There is no need to continue to commit to meeting each other if he/she is not to fulfill that commitment. Instead of continuing to cancel the commitment repeatedly at the eleventh hour, he/she must prioritize their agreement with you over any other engagement. Even if they say it was an emergency that caused them to miss your engagement, emergencies never happen all the time.

2. Your partner reads your messages and missed calls but replies too late

This is one of the worst signs of disrespect towards you and your relationship. He/she is continuously reading your messages, but never caring to reply to you instantly. Instead, he/she keeps you under tension for hours for no good reason and replies back to you hours later when that particular passion must have lost all of the previous warmth.

3. Your partner never comes on time

Your partner never comes on time

While you prefer to be on time when meeting your partner, he/she never likes to be on time. You are always kept waiting and this does not seem to bother your partner at all. Whenever you complain about their lack of punctuality, you are never taken seriously and a lot of lame excuses are given to you. Your partner claims that you should behave calmly even after receiving this unfair gesture every time. However, this very gesture of disrespect hurts you a lot and eventually you get fed up with your partner’s behavior.

4. Your lover checks your mobile phone regularly

Checking your mobile phone every time and making you feel unnecessarily guilty is a huge sign of disrespect on your partner’s part. A lot of people overlook this warning sign and don’t take it as an interference into their personal space. But, seen from a neutral perspective, this is undoubtedly a threat to the dignity of a person. This hidden disrespect spoils the noble spirit and shows the weakness of your relationship.

5. Your loved one invades your personal space

Whatever you are, you are a human being first. You must need some personal space to facilitate and comfort yourself. You must share a lot of things with your lover for a better mutual understanding, but your passwords, your diary, your emails, your messages, etc. are your very personal things. Likewise, your eating habits, your hobbies, your sleeping hours, your professional liabilities, etc. all come under your personal space. Anyone interfering into these areas and getting annoyed on being refused never respects you at heart. Unfortunately, if you are in face of such trouble, you must have a second look into the nature of your relationship.

6. Your opinion is never welcome

If your partner pays no attention to your viewpoint and always prefers their own, this means that your partner does not value your opinion nor has any respect for you. Paying attention solely to his/her views, goals, plans, strategies, etc. and considering yours worthless is surely a sign of utter disrespect. Respect lies in listening to what your partner has to say and following his/her words immediately if it is worth doing so.

7. You never feel confident that you are the first choice

If your partner thinks that you are not more important than 90% of people in his/her life, this is sheer disrespect. It means you have never been the priority of your partner. He/she never considers the relation with you a partnership. You are treated just like other ordinary people in their everyday life. All this makes your relationship a charmless mess.

8. Always finds faults with you

Always finds faults with you

If your partner or lover is always finding faults with your personality, skills, and actions, he/she does not respect or value you. His nasty remarks often spoil your spirits and mood. You are drained of all energy and the color disappears from your face. They never praise you or give you compliments nor boost your self-esteem. Instead, your partner is always quick to point out your faults with snarky comments. You must realize that your relationship with your lover is based on sheer disrespect.

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