Responsible Drinking

Hundreds of articles appear on the Internet every year on the topic of harm or benefits of alcohol consumption. Scientists are constantly researching this issue, conducting lively discussions, and arguing about the effects of alcohol on our bodies.

Most people, doctors and scientists claim that a couple of glasses of beer after work or a couple of glasses of wine at dinner will not cause significant harm to your health, but on the contrary, will have a healing effect. Controversial research has shown that drinking alcohol in future can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease or diabetes.


However, recent large-scale studies carried out by British scientists and scientists from the University of Washington presented completely opposite data.

Research by scientists at Oxford University

British scientists have made a statement that there is no such thing as responsible drinking. A safe share of alcohol that does not adversely affect the processes of our brain simply does not exist. Any proportion of alcohol consumed damages the central nervous system of every person.

More than 25 thousand citizens of the United Kingdom have expressed their desire to take the study The analysis took into account such data as:

  • sex
  • age
  • education
  • the amount of alcohol consumed
  • brain size
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • life style
  • bad habits

In the course of the study, it turned out that the low density of gray matter, as well as its reduced volume, is associated with the amount of alcohol consumed by these citizens. The meaning of this data is simply the fact that the more alcohol you drink, the less efficiently your brain functions.

The influence of personal illnesses of the subjects was also noted. People with high blood pressure and high body mass index had a reduced volume of gray matter. The most interesting thing is that even such a bad habit as smoking could not affect this factor so much.

Gray matter is the supervisor of most of our body’s functions. It is located in the cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum and distant structures of our brain. It is a network of nerve cells that helps us perceive objects, speak and understand speech, think, remember things and events, see, experience emotions and focus attention.

British scientists still came to the conclusion that there is no such safe limit of alcohol consumed, which would not have a negative impact. Any amount of alcohol you drink is harmful. Alcohol affects all parts of the brain, not individual parts.

Research by scientists at University of Washington

Washington State University scientists also agreed with their British counterparts. They claimed that there is no reason to believe that alcohol consumption can have a productive effect on the body. It also remains one of the causes of mass mortality on our planet.

Experts have collected more than 500 published studies examining the effects of alcohol on health, in which a total of about 28 million people took part. Moreover, university scientists looked at more than 700 data sources on how often people drink around the world.

Experts have come to the conclusion that our health does not benefit from alcohol consumption. Responsible drinking – is not to drink at all.

The internet is filled with false data and fake research. Perhaps the propaganda is being carried out by alcohol companies that do not particularly want to lose customers whose health they do not really care about. These ”studies” are aimed at confirming and reassuring people that alcohol can not only relax and cheer you up, but it is also very useful. They only care about their own benefit. Therefore, it is difficult to find reliable information in the modern world.

In addition to health problems, consumption also has negative external effects. There are a lot of unfortunate consequences, such as drunk-driving accidents, when high-class DUI defense lawyers have to be called for help; domestic violence, when alcohol consumption increases aggression and more.

Worst of all, alcohol is a potential trigger for cancer with all-overwhelming metastases. Wherever alcohol touches the body, it is potentially possible to develop cancer later in life.

Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, increases a person’s chance of early death by 7%, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.

On average, more than 3 million people die from alcohol consumption worldwide every year. Men are much more likely to die from this.

It seems to everyone that they drink within bounds, but not everyone is aware of the amount of alcohol they drink in a year. We become the cause of our illnesses and early death. Nobody says that you need to categorically stop drinking, but you should do this in exceptional cases such as holidays. But do not lead this to alcoholism, when people drink every day or every weekend they get drunk and then lie with a splitting headache.

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