Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is probably one of the biggest tasks you’ve undertaken in your life. So, if you’d get anything wrong, it shouldn’t be your big day. The downside to this; you’re charting unfamiliar waters and could get lost in all the tasks. This breeds an avenue to a wedding mistake that could mar your big day.

The good part is that we’re here for you, complete with a list of wedding planning mistakes that brides often make. Armed with this information, you’ll be better prepared to navigate your journey with fun. Hence, before you begin your first wedding planning task, study the information below.Wedding mistakes

1. Planning without a budget

One of the first steps to planning a wedding is drawing up a budget. Unfortunately, some brides get so excited after the proposal that they start buying sporadically. This could lead to huge wedding planning problems when it eventually begins. You’d find out that your budget is maxed–a quick way to accrue debt. We advise that you keep calm and create a budget together with your partner and other contributors. Stick with the budget, come rain or shine, and you’ll be fine.

2. Your vision is a Pinterest replica

The only thing we’re sure you’d get as seen is the bride subscription box. Every other thing on Pinterest is subject to change, adjustment, or disaster. If your vision is a Pinterest replica, best believe you’ll run into some wedding problems. You’ll lose satisfaction on your initial choices while losing sight of the beauty that your day should be. So, while we advise that you have a mood board, personalize your day to be as simple or flamboyant as you wish.

3. Leaving the dress till last minute

One of the greatest wedding planning mistakes to avoid is leaving your dress till the last minute. You may not find what you wish, it may come at an exorbitant price, or take long to ship. To avoid this, start hunting down your dress at least, eight to four months before the wedding. You’ll have ample time to fit it to perfection.

4. Allowing a free for all guest list

Allowing all and sundry to plan your guest list is one of the biggest wedding mistakes to avoid. If you’re on a budget, take the issue more seriously. Parents will want to get all their people in, friends will want to bring plus threes, but put your foot down. You and the partner should invite only the most important people in your lives first. Give your parents a maximum number of guests to invite if they made contributions. Insist that they pay for any extras, and your life will be easier.

5. Leaving out the videographer

Many couples opt for photos over videos. Unfortunately, still-photos can only express so much. After your big day, the videos are what sweetens your memories. The motion smiles from guests, first kiss and dance, saying your vows, etc., are some beautiful moments. You’ll want to always watch them even after decades.

6. You fail to delegate

Once you announce the wedding, people would naturally want to help. If you fail to delegate, you’ll work yourself into the ground. As much as you need to complete tasks, you need help, lots of it. So delegate to people you trust and get feedback at a designated timeframe.

7. Going DIY if you’re not crafts oriented

DIY is indeed cheap but is more suitable for people who enjoy creating with their hands. If you’re trying to cut costs but don’t love crafts, DIY will be a disaster. Factor the cost of buying materials and the time spent crafting. You’ll realize that it’s better to hire an expert. Before you embark on DIY, be sure you’re up for it and don’t leave until the last minute, in case of a disaster.

8. Forgetting the legal details

The legal bits are more important than the wedding party, so make it a crucial task. Get your marriage license and everything checked out so that your marriage won’t be void. If you’re having a destination wedding, make your inquiries at least a year before. This will help you put the best foot forward.

9. You take a risk with your hair and face at the last minute

To avoid looking like wreckage on your wedding day, avoid leaving your hair and face until the last minute. Worse still, don’t attempt a new look close to the wedding. Do all the experiments a year before the wedding, especially hair chopping or coloring. Do trials for your hair and make-up at least three months before the wedding to be on the safe side.

10. No miscellaneous budget

This is a no-brainer when you think about hidden costs springing up or the weather switching up. It is wise to put money aside for unseen circumstances that might show up on or before your wedding day.

Wedding planning is fun but mistakes abound. With this list, you can avoid almost every wedding mistake while looking your best on your big day.

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